• Why Our Seaweed Is Better

    Better Taste, Higher Quality, Tested for Safety, Organic



    Our products are made from sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) and winged kelp (Alaria esculenta). These seaweeds have the best flavor. We do not use skinny kelp (Saccharina angustissima) due to its off flavor and the fact it is over harvested in the wild. Our products simply taste better.



    Our seaweed is hand harvested and trimmed and dried in our own greenhouses immediately after harvest-- never frozen or blanched. This gentle method of drying preserves the highest level of flavor and nutrients. Our products are simply better for you.



    We are a fully integrated organic producer. Our farms are in the pristine waters of Frenchman Bay.We grow in over 100 feet of water far from any potential sources of contamination. We extensively test our products for safety and quality. Our products are simply safer and of the highest quality.



    Our products do not have any fillers or lower quality seaweeds added. We do not use wild harvested seaweeds or rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) that others use to save money at the expense of quality, flavor, and nutritional value. Our products are simply the highest quality and represents the best value available.



    Our product size is larger than our competitors.at a lower price-- which makes sense as we produce our own seed, grow our own seaweed, and mill and package our own products. In fact we produce seed for and process for many of our competitors.

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    Planet and Ocean Friendly

    We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. From gear selection, to using fuel efficient boats, we examine all aspects of our operations to evaluate our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Solar drying is essential to our carbon neutrality goal. Using industrial dryers, freezing, and blanching to stabilize seaweed actually contributes 1.7 times more than the weight of the harvested seaweed of CO2 to the ocean and nearly twice that to the atmosphere. Solar drying is the best way to get the benefits of seaweed while protecting our planet.

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    USDA Organic

    Choosing organic assures that your seaweed has been grown in safe waters free of contaminents. All our seaweed is USDA certified organic by MOFGA.

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    Eat Farmed Organic Seaweed!

    We support the Maine Seaweed Exchange's Eat Farmed Organic Seaweed Program. Organic seaweed means it's grown in clean waters; farmed means that wild seaweed beds are not disturbed. A win-win.