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    Sea by Leaf * Maine Farmed * Organic


    We Offer Organic Seaweed Products, Nursery Supplies and Seed, and Consulting.

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  • New MSE Course

    Seaweed Labelling Compliance: Unique Challenges in Seaweed Labelling - Zoom Saturday March 16, 2024

    9:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET

    Seaweed is an amazing product, yet it is potentially dangerous to both humans and animals. Many kelps are high in iodine and heavy metals that can cause injury or death.

    Proper labelling can assure consumers are aware of the risks and benefits of your seaweed products, as well as minimize the risk of legal liability for misleading or false labelling claims.

    This online program will include lesson and workshop sessions. Participants will come away with an understanding of labelling issues and strategies to be compliant under USDA, FDA, FTC, and state labelling regulations and laws, including California Proposition 65.

    The course will be taught by Trey Angera. Trey is an experienced attorney with over 30 years of compliance experience with both the USDA and FDA. He has represented and consulted with dozens of food companies throughout the world. He is also the Executive Director of the Maine Seaweed Exchange and General Counsel of Springtide Seaweed, LLC.

    The program cost is $375. Participants can add a private one or two hour(s) consultation on their labels for an additional $100 or $200 respectively. Student scholarships available.

  • What We Do

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    Seaweed Farming

    Maine Grown. Organic.

    Springtide Seaweed is a fully integrated organic seaweed aquaculture company. We grow over four varieties of seaweed including sugar kelp, skinny kelp, alaria, and dulse on the largest organic seaweed farm in North America. Our seaweed nursery provides USDA organic seed to commercial and hobby farmers throughout Maine and New England-contact us with your needs. We also dry and process seaweed into a variety of forms and products.

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    Serving Clients Worldwide.

    Springtide Seaweed is the industry leader in organic and sustainable seaweed aquaculture. We provide consulting services to new and existing seaweed aquaculture companies. We also advise investors interested in the seaweed aquaculture space or considering investing in seaweed or other aquaculture ventures. Additionally, we offer customizable seaweed aquaculture educational programs. Please contact us for more information.

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    Pristine Waters Downeast.

    Maine is a special place, especially for seaweed. The cold clean waters of downeast Maine create ideal growing conditions for a large variety of seaweeds. Our coastal communities are rooted in the traditions of living from the sea and encompass a great respect for our marine resources. Sustainably farmed seaweed from Maine is arguably the finest seaweed in the world. We are committed to supporting our local Maine communities.

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    Why Is Our Seaweed And Company Different?

    Farmed not wild. Solar dried. Tested for safety. Unmatched quality.

    We are unique in the seaweed industry. Here are some of the reasons why:

    • Our seaweed is organically farmed. We do not wild harvest so as to protect native wild beds that are under stress.
    • We use state of the art farming technques that minimize gear and plastics in the ocean, use minimal amounts of fuel, and have the highest yields in the industry. Our farms grow 5 times the average seaweed farms so we need only 20% of the gear other farms utilize.
    • We do not use energy intensive processing methods such as blanching, freezing or mechnized dryers. Our products are dried using solar energy and are custom milled and vacuum packed so that they are shelf stable for years and require no refrigeration or freezers.
    • Our processing maximizes the retention of nutrients and are tested for safety.
    • We are fully integerated from seed to finished product. The entire process is certified USDA organic.
    • We hand harvest in small btches to assure there is no biofouling, invasive species, or poor quality seaweed getting past quality control.
    • We farm year round to maximize yields while minimizing environmental impacts.
    • We integrate other species on our farms, includig sea urchins.
  • About Springtide Seaweed

    We grow organic seaweed in Frenchman Bay Maine, and offer seaweed ingredients and products, consulting services to the seaweed industry and investors,

    and seaweed farming technology and products.

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    Our Company

    'Springtide' in old English means 'springtime'. This is harvest season for the seaweed crop. A spring tide is also the time when the tide "springs forth" during the new and full moon, giving us the highest and lowest tides of the month.

    Springtide Seaweed operates the largest organic seaweed farm in North America in Downeast Maine, cultivating some of the finest seaweeds in the world for people and the planet. We also operate a state of the art USDA Organic seaweed nursery and processing facility in Gouldsboro, Maine.

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    Sarah Redmond

    Springtide Seaweed founder Sarah Redmond is a dedicated seaweed farmer, tending the wild ocean garden and inspiring others about all things Maine seaweed. Sarah has been a leader in seaweed aquaculture since 2010 through the development of new nurseries and educational programs, crops and products, sea farmer training programs, the first organic certification program for seaweed crops, and through major facilitation of the industry.

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