Seaweed Farming 105: Harvest and Post Harvest Handling


Seaweed Farming 105: Harvest and Post Harvest Handling


NEXT SESSION: Location: Gouldsboro, ME. Date: March 29-31, 2019, Arrive the evening of the 29th, Class runs 9am-5pm on 30th, and 9am-1pm on the 31st. Lodging is available at the Bluff House Inn at reduced rates. Contact us for details:

This two day program provides the essentials of harvesting and post harvesting handling and processing of your seaweed crop. This is must attend program if you are a new or experienced farmer looking to learn best practices. These sessions count towards the MSE Seaweed Farmer Certification Requirements.

Topics include:

  1. Discuss suitable dock facilities and post-harvest handling;

  2. Use of technology, remote sensors, drones;

  3. Discuss impacts of currents, wind, and waves on harvesting;

  4. Discuss drying, packaging and extract manufacture;

  5. Discuss trimming, washing, and fouling;

  6. Discuss food safety and documentation of harvest.

  7. Discuss critical control points and data sources;

  8. Identify difficulties in determining critical control points;

  9. Examine potential pathogens and contaminants; and

  10. Draft sample HACCP and SSOP procedures.

Sessions will include hands on sessions on a modern harvest boat, drying house, and milling/packaging facility.

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