Seaweed Farming

Do you teach folks how to be seaweed farmers?

Yes! In collaboration with the Maine Seaweed Exchange and UMass-Boston we offer a seven module certificate in seaweed farming. We also offer workshops periodically and offer customizable consulting services. We can assist in obtaining leases, setting up your farm, and hands on farmer training.

Nursery Seed

Do you sell seaweed seed?

Yes- over five varieties! Note that we will not sell seaweed seed unless it was grown from locally sourced seaweed stock. So we cannot sell “Maine” seaweed to someone in New York. If we do not have seed from your locale, you can send us reproductive seaweed tissue and we can grow out the seed for you, or train you to grow your own seed.


Are your products organic?.

Yes. Our products and seed are certified USDA Organic by MOFGA.

Is farmed seaweed better?

We think so. Wild harvest seaweed is reaching the limit to which it can be sustainably harvested. Farmed seaweed is sustainably grown without impacting wild seaweed beds and habitat.